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Olympic Lifting

Olympic Weightlifting The Olympic Lifts – Snatch and Clean & Jerk are two of the most technical movements in sport and within a CrossFit setting it is one of the areas that requires the most dedicated time to become proficient at.  Our specialty Olympic Lifting classes offer the opportunity to[…]

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Ever wanted to be able to nail a handstand? Get your first pullup? Do a muscle up? Or already have a few skills in the toolkit but would like to take your game to the next level? CrossFit Adelaides specialty gymnastic class is just for you. Its a skill based[…]

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CrossFit Classes At its heart CrossFit is constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, what does that mean? It means we take movements which your body was designed to do and we put them together in a format and execute them in a way that means you get the best bang for your[…]

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Open Gym

  Need to update this page! with details (online programming can be done during these times Return to timetable  

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