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Welcome to CrossFit Adelaide

*UPDATE*  We were closed to new members for the later half of 2016, we are now opening up a limited number of membership spots for the new year.  We will have the same policy as last year that when we reach numbers which we consider is the capacity we can handle while delivering the level of services that we believe our members deserve we will again enforce a cap of memberships (but for now spots available, so get in touch and get on in!)  Limited personal training spots are currently available. 

Whether your interested in dropping some body fat, gaining a bit of muscle, improving performance or just generally feeling better and getting more out of life, CrossFit Adelaide can help you and knows how to get you there.  CrossFit Adelaide is for everyone, our clients range from athletes to people that havent exercised in 20+ years, they are all different but they are united by the desire to improve in whatever they do and they are prepared to work hard to get there.


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Mar 24, 2017

WOD 25/3/17 _17.5

Its the last week of the Open, 17.5 is a fun little workout to finish off the party. Everyone has put in an awesome effort on the 1st 4 weeks - lets finish off strong, come in, leave it all out there and then kick back with a FitAid!

Big congratulations to our Cibo Locale 17.3 Winners putting in a super effort on the snatches and CTB - Leanne and Nathan. We'll announce the winners of the 17.4 Cibo vouchers in the morning.

Normal business with 7am and 9am classes doing the workout and the gym being available from 8am and 10am as well - there is a 40min cap for those officially entered in the Open, for those not in the Open and not so much on the ol skipping rope we will have some different options available (maybe not better options, but options non the less!)


10 rounds for time
9 Thrusters (43/29)
35 double unders
40min timecap (awesome...)

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