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“Real” CrossFit vs “Its like CrossFit”

  “Real” CrossFit vs “Its Kinda Like CrossFit” The first CrossFit gym (CrossFit Santa Cruz) opened in the year 2000, the first CrossFit affiliate gym opened in 2002 and in the 20 years that have followed there has been over 15000 CrossFit gyms open worldwide – in that same time[…]

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Lessons in Fran

*originally published on Sept 2015* We recently ran a cycle where we completed the workout “Fran” (21-15-9 reps Thrusters and Pullups) every Friday for 6 weeks, we kept the total volume the same but changed the set / rep combination week to week, apart from being the highlight of[…]

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Assault Bike Vs Rower

Pro’s, Con’s and how to make the most of going to a very bad place They both feature pretty highly on everyones list of favourite things they like to do at the gym but what are the pro’s, con’s and differences between two of the most conditioning tools getting around.[…]

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What CrossFit Is (To me)

What CrossFit Is (To me) or Why Im trying to ride a unicycle *originally published on Sept 2014* I’ve been involved with CrossFit for a number of years now and been fortunate enough to see it evolve incredibly rapidly – some of the evolution has been fantastic some of[…]

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A Case For Randomness in Training

*First published June 2014* Thursdays Row Session There are a few of us that get together on a Thursday afternoon for some quality time on the concept2, its a chance to get in some extra conditioning work with some other people that you probably wouldnt be that inclined to[…]

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