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Focus – the art of long term goal setting

*article first published on June 2015* Focus (by helping others you might also end up helping yourself) We are entering the 5th week of the EGSGTG Challenge (6th if you include the Food Diary week) and I’m starting to see an interesting phenomenon occurring where people’s initial laser like[…]

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Sleep – How doing nothing fixes everything

*article first published on May 2015* We all do it (maybe not enough of it), its free, it’s pretty essential for normal function yet with our love of social media and the high quality of late night TV (improved health vs the latest installment of Turtleman, I know which[…]

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The Value of Ol Fashion Home Cooking

*first published on May 2015* The Value of Ol Fashion Home Cooking (or how to have a relationship with food that isnt creepy and worthy of its own internet site) For those that don’t know my background before entering the fitness industry, in a previous life I was a[…]

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dear diary

Dear Diary – The Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

*first published on April 2015* As soon as you mention to someone about keeping a food diary or talking logging intake – one of the first reactions people have is they associate tracking food with being on a “diet” or they associate it with “restrictive” eating, generally speaking its[…]

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Food quality

Food Quality – same same but different

*originally published on June 2104* Does food quality matter? Do you need to buy grass fed beef? Is organic worth the money? Often when people start to “clean up” their diet one of things they look at as well as they types of food they are eating is the[…]

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