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Ever wanted to be able to nail a handstand? Get your first pullup? Do a muscle up? Or already have a few skills in the toolkit but would like to take your game to the next level? CrossFit Adelaides specialty gymnastic class is just for you.

Its a skill based class with progressions for participants of all levels, one of the beautiful things about gymnastics is that the movements can be adapted to your current ability and it means that there is endless scope to keep challenging yourself (there is always another skill to master!). The classes are super fun covering a variety of different skills each week – from handstands, bar, rings, balance and core work.

The sessions will help you develop strength, proficiency and efficiency across a wide variety of movements – including more CrossFit specific work like kipping pullups, toes to bar and handstand pushups

Our gymnastics coach Stephanie Ortiz started competitive gymnastics at age 5 and competed for many years before switching to diving where she competed at a Collegiate level and now competes in CrossFit having competed at the Pacific Regional 4x including 3 top 10 finishes. Steph is also available for gymnastics specific personal training sessions.

Please visit the timetable for current gymnastics schedule, note this class can also be attended casually by non-CrossFit Adelaide members


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