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“Real” CrossFit vs “Its like CrossFit”

  “Real” CrossFit vs “Its Kinda Like CrossFit” The first CrossFit gym (CrossFit Santa Cruz) opened in the year 2000, the first CrossFit affiliate gym opened in 2002 and in the 20 years that have followed there has been over 15000 CrossFit gyms open worldwide – in that same time[…]

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The Longview and Crossfit

Are you winning the battle but losing the war? CrossFit by its very nature provides opportunities to “compete”against others basically every time you step into the gym.  There are definitely a lot of positives that come out of training in this sort of environment and it is one of the[…]

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Using Beyond the Whiteboard

Beyond the Whiteboard  One of the benefits to training at CrossFit Adelaide is that we provide you with a free membership to Beyond The WhiteBoard (BTWB) workout tracking app. A lot of you are all over it and use the app religiously – a few of you might have been[…]

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Focus – the art of long term goal setting

*article first published on June 2015* Focus (by helping others you might also end up helping yourself) We are entering the 5th week of the EGSGTG Challenge (6th if you include the Food Diary week) and I’m starting to see an interesting phenomenon occurring where people’s initial laser like[…]

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Sleep – How doing nothing fixes everything

*article first published on May 2015* We all do it (maybe not enough of it), its free, it’s pretty essential for normal function yet with our love of social media and the high quality of late night TV (improved health vs the latest installment of Turtleman, I know which[…]

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dear diary

Dear Diary – The Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

*first published on April 2015* As soon as you mention to someone about keeping a food diary or talking logging intake – one of the first reactions people have is they associate tracking food with being on a “diet” or they associate it with “restrictive” eating, generally speaking its[…]

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Your Harshest Critic and Your Biggest Fan

*originally published on March 2015* Your Harshest Critic and Your Biggest Fan – the Value of (quality) Coaching It seems that every 2nd person you bump into these days is a personal trainer or a crossfit coach, not saying that this is a good or a bad thing but[…]

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Assault Bike Vs Rower

Pro’s, Con’s and how to make the most of going to a very bad place They both feature pretty highly on everyones list of favourite things they like to do at the gym but what are the pro’s, con’s and differences between two of the most conditioning tools getting around.[…]

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