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At its heart CrossFit is constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, what does that mean? It means we take movements which your body was designed to do and we put them together in a format and execute them in a way that means you get the best bang for your fitness buck.  CrossFit is something that is at its best when its enjoyed with others – our regular CrossFit classes are the most popular way to train by far, its a motivating small group environment where you get to experience all the challenges and rewards that CrossFit training presents with a group of like minded individuals.

At CrossFit Adelaide we will teach you the correct way to move, from basic bodyweight movements like squats and pushups to high skill Olympic lifts (clean and jerk, snatch) to gymnastics skills like handstands and rings.  Correct movement patterns are fundamental to what we do which is why we think it is super important for everyone that trains at CrossFit Adelaide to attend one of our Foundations options and get a solid grounding the basics.  If you have prior CrossFit experience, awesome – just let us know about it when you get in touch and we can get you straight into our regular classes

The goal is never to hit a time or weight or number of reps on a workout, it is always to be better – and that is always relative to the individual.  Its about getting stronger, fitter, faster, moving better and just generally functioning better as a human being.

As they say “form follows function” and one of the side products of getting you to move and function better is that you will look better as well – losing unwanted body fat and gaining lean muscle (theres nothing wrong with being strong!)

We want you to work hard, we want you to become educated about health and fitness, we want to challenge you physically and mentally during the sessions but #1 we want you to have a bit of fun along the way, we’re very serious about doing the very best for our clients but we try not to take ourselves too seriously along the way. If you dont enjoy what your doing – your probably not going to be doing it for very long.

During our regular classes you will be taken thru the entire session by one of our experienced trainers – from the warmup, the skill component, the workout of the day and the cool down and stretching.  The session is written up on the whiteboard but our trainers will modify some/all of it for different individuals within a class based on ability, experience and any limitations.

If you are interested in coming along and checking out a free trial class – get in touch! We are super passionate about CrossFit and could talk about it all day but the best way for you to find out if it for you is to come along and check it out.



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