CrossFit Adelaide

WOD 30/12/17 _ruffrider

  Well 2017 is coming to a close and today will be the last day of sessions for the year, we will also be closed on New Years Day (Monday), everything is back to normal and full speed ahead from Tuesday.  Hopefully see a stack of people in the gym[…]

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WOD 29/12/17 _Nsynch

Workout 8 – 16 – 24 -16 – 8 200m run Synchro KB Swing Synchro SA DB press rest 3 x 20 Deadbugs Partner holds hollow position

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WOD 27/12/17 _partner1

Workout 5min AMRAP 10 squat 150m run 2min rest 5min AMRAP Wall balls 1,1,2,2,3,3 etc etc 2min rest 5min AMRAP 5 pushup 5 situp 2min rest 5min AMRAP 10 cal row 2min rest

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