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The Longview and Crossfit

Are you winning the battle but losing the war? CrossFit by its very nature provides opportunities to “compete”against others basically every time you step into the gym.  There are definitely a lot of positives that come out of training in this sort of environment and it is one of the[…]

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Your Harshest Critic and Your Biggest Fan

*originally published on March 2015* Your Harshest Critic and Your Biggest Fan – the Value of (quality) Coaching It seems that every 2nd person you bump into these days is a personal trainer or a crossfit coach, not saying that this is a good or a bad thing but[…]

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crossfit santa cruz

What CrossFit Is (To me)

What CrossFit Is (To me) or Why Im trying to ride a unicycle *originally published on Sept 2014* I’ve been involved with CrossFit for a number of years now and been fortunate enough to see it evolve incredibly rapidly – some of the evolution has been fantastic some of[…]

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