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Personal Training


If your looking for more focused 1-1 coaching beyond the Foundations program or the regular CrossFit Group classes, then personal training (PT) provides an excellent training option.  Here are some reasons to choose personal training with CrossFit Adelaide : -


Experienced CrossFit Trainers

All of our trainers are CrossFit certified as well as years of experience coaching others in CrossFit as well as actively training CrossFit themselves.  Their passion for CrossFit and improved health and fitness will mean you get the most out of your personal training experience 


Develop Specific Skills Sets

Cant do double unders? Overhead squats seem like some distant dream?  Focussed attention during personal training sessions can be a fantastic way to develop a specific skill set and improve your overall competancy. Let us know specifically what you want to work on and we can match a trainer to your needs.


Set Goals

Not exactly sure what is possible?  Know where you’d like to be but have no idea how to get there?  We can help you outline your goals and create a realistic plan for achieving them.


Group Confidence

Not quite ready the group class experience?  PT sessions can build your skills, fitness and confidence making the transition into the group class that little bit smoother


Be Accountable

ing Find it that little bit too easy to head home to the couch rather than the gym after work?  Worn out the Snooze button thru overuse?  Personal training sessions keep you accountable and on track, booking a session with a trainer ensures you turn up and train regularly and work hard when you are at the gym.


Flexible Times

Personal training is available, 7 days a week from 6am – 8:30pm, contact us and schedule a session



Our training rates are based on the individual trainers level of experience, please specify if you would like a specific trainer when booking otherwise we will endeavor to match you with a trainer that will best suit your needs. Please note that we require 24hrs notice of cancellations or full session cost will be charged.


Single Session rates $60 - $85


Multiple Session rates $50 - $70 


Personal Training at CrossFit Adelaide