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Trainer Profiles

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- Certified CrossFit Trainer - Level 3 
- Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia)
- Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
- AWF Weightlifting Level 2
- AIK Kettlebell Level 2
- MMA Fitness Level 2
- Gym Jones Level 1
- CrossFit Gymnastics
- CrossFit Endurance
- CrossFit Kids
- BioForce HRV Certified
Professional Memberships
- CrossFit Affiliate (since 2008)
- Fitness Australia Business Member 
My fitness sporting background is fairly diverse, over the years Ive done quite a few different sports including racing Mountain bikes, muay thai (spending a bit of time in Thailand),distance running (including 6 marathons) and of course CrossFit which I discovered for myself in 2007.
Ive been hooked every since and one of my big passions is exposing as many people as possible to it, Ive been running the Fit Wars competition series since 2011 to give people a chance to compete as well as show the public what it is that we do.  Ive been fortunate enough to have coached athletes to the CrossFit Games Regionals every year since 2010 and various divisions of the CrossFit Games (both Individual and Masters) since 2011
(Showing 1 - 1 of 2)