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Specialty Classes

As well as our normal CrossFit workout classes we also have a number of regular specialty classes on our timetable for those looking to do more work in a particular area.  Please check the schedule for current details of when these classes are running.




A combination of yoga, pilates and other mobility techniques, our Sunday Stretch class is the perfect end to a hard weeks training.  This class will help improve overall flexibility and mobility which in turn will help improve overall function and reduce the risk of injury.  Rather than sleep in on a Sunday morning, get yourself out a bed and make a productive start to the day that will also set you up perfectly for the week ahead.




Our strength class is ideal for anyone looking to improve their absolute strength and increase their lift numbers.  The class is made up of a combination of powerlifting and Olympic Lifting, technique makes up a large portion of the classes and it is assumed that anyone attending this class has a basic understanding of the core lifts. Our strength program runs in 6-8 week blocks and new people may only start attending the strength class at the beginning of a block, please speak with one of the trainers to discuss attending this class.




Running is one area of CrossFit is quite often overlooked, during a workout it is seen as something just to be ticked off the list rather than viewed as skill to be developed(like gymnastics or weightlfting). Our running class aims to improve participants running mechnics and efficiency, suitable for those looking to take their running more seriously and enter events of varying distances or for people that just want to perform better during workouts.  The running program runs in blocks and at different locations around town, please check the schedule and Facebook page for current info.



Specialty Classes at CrossFit Adelaide