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img-CompetitiontrainingCompetition Training


If you're interested in the competitive side of CrossFit then CrossFit Adelaide can help you, whether it be get you in shape for your first competition or if you’ve got some experience in either CrossFit or other high level take you up another level towards Regional qualification and competition.


CrossFit Adelaide has had teams competing in 3 Australian Regionals as well as taking out 2nd place in the National All Star Affiliate Competition, we’ve also had athletes compete at the CrossFit Games in both the Individual and Masters Competition (including winning the 40-44 group in 2013 - the first Australian to do so)


Our head trainer, Ben has been the driving force behind the FIt Wars events since they started in 2011 and is passionate about seeing the level of competitive CrossFit in South Australia get as high as possible and giving people the opportunity to regularly compete at quality events.


For our competition athletes we have specific competition classes and programming available, we also offer competition focussed personal training (also available as 2:1 sessions) for those looking to maximise their game day performances. To discuss suitablity for competition classes / programming or to arrange personal training please contact, for current members speak to one of the trainers at the gym


Individualised either complete or supplementary programming is available @ $25.p week (6 week minimum) -which includes 30min Initial consultation, written program, 30min Review consultation..


Note : this is an in house client rate, remote coaching is by arrangement only