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Saturday Class Change


A few of you have probably seen on the 2nd whiteboard at the gym we are making a few class changes (for the better) on a Saturday - we put up a post over the weekend about the new Recovery Sundays starting this week on 29th May.

From the following weekend we are going to be permanently adding to the timetable our Gymnastics class at 10am, Strength at 11am and Competition at 2pm.

The Gymnastics class is open to everyone and is focused on developing skills (handstand balance / walking, ring skills) as well as building bodyweight strength - pullups, rope climbs,dips, hspu and more. This class can be combined with either the Strength class after or the regular WOD beforehand (depending on the WOD for that week) and also with the Competition class in the afternoon

The Strength class is open to everyone and is focused on building strength through the Olympic lifts and powerlifts, perfect for anyone looking to improve technique and also build overall strength - this class runs in approx 6 - 8 week cycles with a different focus for each cycle, ideally participants will complete cycle start to finish for maximum benefits

The Competition class is designed for those looking to take the competitive side of CrossFit more seriously, this session will be comprised of competition style workouts and is generally fairly high volume - it is not open to people without much Crossfit experience, this class can (and should) be combined with one of the Saturday AM classes, this training time will also be used for specific preparation for upcoming competitions

So we've got something for everyone on weekends now, so if you have any weaknesses in your game or simply want to get better there is a Saturday special or two that will help you along the way (at the very least you can get in for Recovery Sunday and be set for the week ahead!) Any questions about any of the changes just hit up any of the trainers