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Eat Good, Sleep Good, Train Good Challenge Version 2


Eat Good, Sleep Good, Train Good Challenge Version 2

We mentioned briefly that we are running a new version of the EGSGTG Challenge in our December newsletter that just went out (I did however forget to include full details of it). We are changing things up a bit for this round, we are only offering 10 places, rather than working with a partner it will be either Steph or myself monitoring your progress every single week. It will be 6 weeks of the challenge + an initial week of food recording and measurements. Once the Challenge starts participants will check in with us minimum once a week for skin fold measurements, food review and generally monitoring your progress. There will also be a 1:1 consultation during the 1st week to establish goals and a plan for the next 6 weeks. Cost is $120, we are looking to commence initial consultations food diaries in the next couple of weeks so the challenge can kick off properly BEFORE the New Year. It is strictly limited to 10 places and based on initial interest those spots will go very very quickly, either speak to myself or Steph at the gym or shoot an email to to lock in a spot. Note - we are looking to work with people committed to making serious change, participants will be challenged along the way, we will give you all the help you need but you need to be ready to work as well.

Dont wait for 2016 to make a positive change - get started now!