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Supplementary 6th July

Supplementary training is going to appear on the website each week on Sunday night, if you want to improve your scores on the Advanced standards sheet and you've figured out what you need to work on - hot tip of the day is - WORK ON IT, be consistent, you are not going to get 20 strict HSPU in a week, its going to take lots of CONSISTENT practice at it.  If you dont do the work, dont be surprised or ask what you should be doing when the Standards get retested in a few weeks and your #'s are exactly the same.


Session 1

5 Wall walk + 10 shoulder tap

Strict HSPU
12min EMOM 

KB Palm press 3 x 10 e/s

Session 2
5min butterfly practice

3 x 1-5 Strict Pullup

Iron Scap

Session 3
STK 4 x 3

Ring Dip 8min EMOM

KB Palm press 3 x 10e/s

Session 4
12min EMOM
- odd CTB Pullups
- even Kipping HSPU

3 x max reps T2b


Session 1 

4 x 2000m row

5min rest between

Session 2 
4 x 10min AD

5min rest between

Session 3
4 rounds E7min

500m ski
500m row
400m run