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Advanced 30th May

Okay Regionals is in the bag so we can start moving forwards onwards and upwards, most of you would have noticed the whiteboard with the notice about anyone wanting to compete at the 2016 Regionals / Games.  I know its a long way off and its one of those things that pops into peoples heads as soon as the current season comes to (or gets close to the end) but if we want to compete at the top level the process needs to start now.  Ill explain some of my thinking and hopefully it will give you something to ponder (and maybe get your name on the board)

if you want to go to the CrossFit Games (or any high level competition) you need to put your hand up (or name on a board) and admit to yourself and others that one of your goals is to make it to the top.

- this year has shown that scoring an Individual spot at Regionals is VERY difficult, 1) we have the talent pool to get a Team thru to Regionals  2) we have the talent pool to have a Team at Regionals that can make it to the Games.

- to qualify a Team everyone on that Team needs to be committed to pulling their weight and helping with the qualification process

- to make it to the Games, you train for the Games, not for the Open.

- now some of you might not believe this one - I can help you, you dont need to follow 232 different competitor blog programs, I might not give you the coolest EMOM to Sally Up Sally Down but some of the stuff I say actually works (if you do it...)

- I honestly believe that next year we can take an Individual, a Team and at least 1 Master all the way thru to the Games, but I need you to help me to help you (more on that in a second)

With that board I would like to ideally form at least 1 more like 2 competition "teams" of 3 guys / 3 girls, a top tier team and a second tier team (and 3rd if their is interest).  Essentially a group of people that want to compete in whatever competitions come up (and do well at them).  There are no minimum requirements to get on this board but you do need to be willing to work and want to compete, it doesnt mean you will be training as a team 365 days of the year but when the opportunity arises you should take it to train with that group of people (making it to the Games doesnt start in January)

A few people have already talked to me about it and I want to see names up there, go back to my first point in bold - if you cant lift a texta and write your name on a board then you wont make it as a competitor at any level. If it doubt speak to me

Last point and I touched on this earlier - 

This is the last time Im going to say this - Help me to Help you.  FILL OUT THE STANDARDS SHEET, all of them. Im going to adjust some of the metcons to bring them up to speed with the current climate (strict Diane anyone?) but in the short term I want to see every single standard filled out, i dont care if its a 1 or a 0, if your not willing to try and get 0 or 1 and write that on the board then your never going to be able to get 15 muscle ups UB (this is a bit of goal setting 101...).  Im trying to lead by example and Im hitting all the standards at the moment.  If there are numbers up there i can tailor the Advanced supplementary work to target your weaknesses and get your numbers up and 100% if we have people who's numbers meet the standards or close to - you will get to Regionals / the Games.  Again help me to help you, Ill give you the tools and bust my own ass but Im also not going to do the work for you...

To the actual exercise! Post Regionals we are going to spend a couple of weeks just doing a bit of specific Olympic lifting technique and then a team workout each week, the idea being to have a couple of weeks just broíng down and doing some CrossFit, anyone looking to get into the Advanced group, this is a good time to get in and get amongst it


Snatch Balance technique


Team of 2

200 double unders (sets of 25 p. person)
80 Toes to Bar (one partner hanging from bar)
60 HSPU (other partner in HS)
40 STOH (60/40) partner holds bar in front rack
600m run