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Advanced 9th May

Little competition inspiration today - Steph Curry missing a game tying shot with seconds to go and then hitting it seconds later - calm under pressure

Okay so all the Regionals workouts are out, some are good and some not so much.  Although the vast majority of you arent going to be competing at Regionals we are going to go through the training process for a couple of the workouts that have come up - Randy and Tommy V (something bad and something okay).  We are going to breakdown a seemingly simple workout to try and squeeze every second out of it which should hopefully give everyone a bit of insight into how you need to be looking at workout during competitions


Tng Power Snatch - analysis

3 x 15/25 reps for time


Thruster - analysis

Rope Climb - analysis

3 rounds
3min Thrusters (set for set with partner)
3min Rope Climb (3 for 3 with partner)
3min rest between rounds