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WOD 30/4/15 _OHS

A few people have been asking about how the training points are allocated in the EGSGTG Challenge, particularly in regards to rest days ie do you get zero points on a rest day? I mentioned this a bit in the Challenge notes in the Nutrition section and talked about how the Sunday points can be allocated for an overall review of your training week, now if you've said your going to train 3 days a week at the gym, then do something active on 2 other days and have 2 rest days, then if that is a scheduled rest day and you dont do anything counter productive (like only get 2 hours sleep) then you can give yourself 5 training points.

However if you had planned to go to the gym, go for a walk, spending 10-15min stretching or whatever for the day and you dont end up doing it for whatever reason - THEN you would lose points for the day. Finally remember just rocking up at the gym doesnt automatically give you 5 points, did you make the most of your time at the gym? Did you put in a decent effort? If you had a spare few minutes did you do something productive like work on some extra skills work?  It a Challenge, dont forget to Challenge yourself along the way...


Overhead Squat 
15min Heavy 5

4 sets 
8-10 Bent Over Row

8-10 Pushups


3 x 10

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