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Advanced 27th April

Just two extra sessions this week to allow for time to continue testing the Advanced Standards, there are some numbers appearing up there but definately need to see some more up there.  If in doubt start on the left and start working across to the right, if your ever at a loose end get in some more volume on the strict bodyweight work.  Also dont forget that you should be incorporating the Iron Scap routine twice a week at the end of sessions, not super important which days you do it but after a strength based session is generally best.

Session 1 

Front Squat
6 x 2 @ 85-87%

8min EMOM
- CTB pullups - your choice of #

8min EMOM
- Strict HSPU - your choice of #

Session 2

10 x 2 @ 70%

12 rounds
30sec on // 60sec off 
going hard from the start