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Advanced 13th April

So Emma and Steph are right in the midst of Regionals training and as mentioned last week they will be doing extra sessions Friday PM (around 4:30pm), Saturday PM (around 2:30pm) and Sunday AM (around 10am @ East Adelaide).  Your welcome to join for some or all of these sessions to help what can be a fairly tough grind a more pleasant experience and to also put yourself through some of the work needed to make it to the upper level of CrossFit.

On that, Ive recently cleaned down the Advanced Standards sheet (hopefully you recorded your mad Fran time in your diary as it now longer exists on the board...).  Its time for a reassess of strengths / weaknesses and to refocus again now that the Open is over, most of you understand how the standards sheet works but if you dont there is an explanation printed out next to it.  The numbers on there help me know exactly where everyone is at, also seeing people make the time to test themselves out and post their results up on that board (without having to be forced to do it) shows that next level of commitment to wanting to be better.... If youve done all the Advanced homework during the week or find yourself at a loose end for something extra to do maybe the next couple of weeks could be well spent filling out a few boxes on there..

Strength 1

Front Squat 
5 x 5 @ 80 %

Strength 2

Split Jerk

4 x 5 @ 75%

Strength 3

5 x 3 @ 75%

Gymnastics 1

Keep working the straddle press to handstand, below is a solid video from GymnasticsWOD with a great progression using a band, a know a lot of people are stuck with how to even get going with this - try working a few sets of a straddle press to headstand (which I know everyone can do) then switch up the band progression shown in the video and start to learn to draw the hips over in a handstand

Aerobic 1

15 rounds
1min AD / 1min rest

building intensity over rounds

Aerobic 2
10 rounds
3 muscle up
6 hspu
12 cal ski erg
rest 45sec between rounds

adjust reps as necessary (up or down) , should be able to complete all sets unbroken