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2015 Eat Good, Sleep Good, Train Good Challenge

2015 Eat Good, Sleep Good, Train Good Challenge

Its been way too long since we’ve had a nutrition and lifestyle challenge at the gym and we figure coming into winter is the best time to get everyone on track during what is traditionally a tough time of year to get motivated.  

So what is the Eat Good, Sleep Good, Train Good Challenge? (to be known as EGSGTG from here in).  This is something we ran a couple of years ago and we wanted to make the focus a bit more holistic rather than just run a 30 day Paleo challenge where we spoon feed people meal plans and they may or may not learn anything from it (or keep doing it for more than 30 days), we wanted to focus on diet, lifestyle and training and get everyone educated in the process.

The challenge is back and we’ve refined it a bit more to hopefully help people build better habits, if we can help ingrain better habits then you are going to have a lifetime of improved health - not just short term weight loss.

How it works?

We focus on 3 main things -




To do well in the challenge you need to do well in all 3 areas - one of the key concepts we try and get across with the challenge is that you cant out train a bad diet and you can compensate for lack of sleep with caffeine or sugar.

Everyone participating in the challenge will get a Challenge journal and the first section of this is a food diary (make sure you read the article about food diary in the members section of the website) and the first week of the challenge will be filling this out.  This will allow you to set personal goals about what you are going to modify about your diet and its going to give you an accurate snap shot of where you are currently at.

The next section of the journal is the daily accountability section which covers the areas of FOOD, SLEEP, TRAINING.  This is the core of the Challenge - ACCOUNTABILITY.  Each day you have a maximum of 15 points available, 5 for FOOD, 5 for SLEEP, 5 for TRAINING, a complete breakdown of how the scoring works will be provided in another article, this is just for a brief overview how it works, for example if you eat a couple of serves of veggies, everythings on track for the day but you have a beer you would score 4 out of 5 points, you sleep for 6 hours you get 3 points, you go to the gym, crush the workout and recover properly 5 points - total for the day 12 / 15.  

The journals are clearly laid out so each day its a quick easy process of scoring yourself in the 3 areas, obviously the more points you get - the better you are doing (during the Challenge and at the end we’ll have prizes for those doing particularly well).

Now to increase your Accountability (and hopefully improves your results) we want you to have a Challenge buddy, ideally someone with similar goals to yourself and each week your partner will be the one you have to show your journal to and get them to sign it off, if you didn't fill out a day or you slept for 3 hours you’ll need to tell them why.  At the end of each week we’ll collate the numbers and have a leaderboard running at the gym.

When / How / Cost?

The Challenge will commence FRIDAY APRIL 17th, during the last 15min of each class that day Ill run a short seminar giving an overview of the Challenge and answering any questions - Challenge Journals will also be available from the 17th.  The Food Diary portion will commence  Monday 20th.  If you don't normally train on a Friday all the information will be available via the website or you can hit up myself with questions

The Accountability part of the Challenge will be running for 8 weeks - long enough to establish some good habits!

Monday will be check in day where we get #’s from the previous week, there will also be a short talk at the end of each class on a Monday (covering a different topic each week) this will also be your chance to ask any questions you might have along the way.  An article covering the topic of the week (hydration, better sleep, protein etc) will be in the Nutrition tab in the Members Section of the website each week - so you can review it and also for those that don't train on a Monday

The cost for the 8 weeks + week of food diary + journal is just $40 and signing up is as easy as putting your name on board 2 at the gym, if you already have a partner you want to work with put your name next to theirs otherwise I will pair people up appropriately (so you might make a new friend as well as change your life, bonus!).  

So thats the deal, its a chance to be accountable, get educated and make some permanent positive change - now you just need to sign yourself up! Feel free to ask any questions (bear in mind there will be specific information going up separately about scoring, goal setting etc)