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Advanced Supplementary Week 11 - March 16th

To save me typing two posts and everyone having to go through the hassle of looking at two posts - till the end of the Open Ill just bundle all the supplementary training in one spot. Once the Open is over and we resume more of a structured strength cycle etc I will separate them again for neatness sake

There is a fair bit of supplementary work this week and some of it is fairly taxing, I would say you would be struggling to complete all of it, pick and choose what is most relevant to you - also I would like to see most people finding/making the time for the handstand work


10min build to a heavy Squat Clean Thruster 3


Burpees Over Bar

yup this will be gross but you know you are going to be doing this or something pretty damn similar in the next two weeks, Id say this is most likely worse than anything your going to have to do - so do this and whatever comes up in the Open will seem comparatively mild.  Best idea is to find another sucker to do it with you and go head to head (it will help in those later rounds...)


12min build to a heavy Deadlift 3 (tng or grip n regrip, you and your spines choice)


5 Deadlift (125/85)
10 Target Burpees


15min (minimum) handstand practice

working towards press to handstand - work press to headstand, jump to handstand + static holds (freestanding / belly to wall)


50 fat grip pullups for time 

good luck...


4 x 250m  same pace as previous weeks

2min rest between intervals

4 x 250m - man pants on and see what you've got

5min rest between intervals 

4 x 20sec x // 40sec off - flushing sprints to finish off, not meant to be lactic work


6 sets

12-15 t2b

400m ski-erg

2min rest between sets

rest 5min

8 x 20/10 ski erg