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Advanced Strength/Gymnastics Week 10 - March 9th

Not much squatting in the regular classes this week so try and get in the squat clean workout asap, same with the wall ball / ski workout - both of these are potentially highly DOMS generating so allow as much distance between these and Open 15.3 on Friday / Saturday

Workout 1

Squat Clean TNG 3 Gauntlet
E90sec going up by 2.5/5kg every set, start at a weight that will allow you to do around 8-10 sets


5 x 6 TNG Squat Clean AHAP AFAP (around 70/50 territory)

Workout 2

3 rounds

HSPU - 90sec

Box Jump - 90sec

Double unders 90sec

HSPU 90sec

rest 3min between rounds

this is a pretty tough session, be smart and methodical about how you approach it and have a plan for how many reps and what sort of sets you are looking to do

Workout 3

20min building to a heavy full snatch single 

need to be constantly working the full snatch, treat it largely as technical practice and if feeling good go for kg's