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Advanced Aerobic Week 10 - March 9th

Hitting the skierg hard again this week, starting to incorporate some mixed mode work (ie combining it with other exercises).  If you've been doing the prep work you should be able to maintain form and dictate your pace on the ski, if you havent been getting on the skierg then you will probably die in the ass and find each round an increasing nightmare.  

Starting to bring in some short sprint finisher work to the row session, hit me up when you go do this session so I can explain in a bit more detail about the 20sec sprints - looking for them to be a pick up effort (increasing over 20sec) and placing particular focus on how the power is generated


6 sets of
250m skierg
30 wall balls (UB)
250m skierg

rest 3min between sets // aiming for consistent round times and to keep wall balls unbroken

10 sets
150m skierg
90sec rest

increasing pace each round, aim for a 1-2sec pace increase each round


8 sets of
250m row
2min rest

4 sets of
20sec sprint
1:40 rest

pushing the pace of the 250m and finishing with 4 controlled sprint efforts - aim for high power output from good technique as opposed to rowing mong strength