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Advanced Aerobic Week 9 - 2nd March

So obviously we are in the midst of the Open now and there are going to be people doing the workout for the 1st time and redo's happening all over the place, please remember to have your courtesy pants on at all times during the Open - make sure you judge for other people and if you are doing a redo - be extra greatful to whoever you get to judge you 2nd time round.  As with last week and all weeks of the Open, try and get any of the supplementary work done earlier in the week, I havent listed it below but a longer easy AD piece late in the week is a good idea as an active recovery session around Thursday / Friday.  

Ski Erg

Workout 1
2 x 1000m 
rest 4min
4 x 500m
rest 2min

Workout 2
10 x 30sec // 2:30 rest

10 x 250m 
rest 2:00

push the pace on these, aim to get close to digging yourself a hole you cant quite get out of (try to avoid actually ending up in a hole and rowing a 2:00 pace...)