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Advanced Strength/Gymnastics Week 8- Feb 23rd

My recommendation for getting these sessions done would be to a) get it done as early in the week as possible and if you have the time combine the deadlift with the burpee muscle up and combine the front squat with the pullup complex - should only be around 30-45min work combined

Workout 1

Deadlift tng 5
7 sets E90sec building

6min burpee muscle ups 

focus with the burpee muscle up about minimising unecessary movement - jumping up and grabbing the rings clean with the grip you want to use and going straight up and over, if you need some extra practice do a bunch of burpees were you finish jumping up and grabbing the rings ready to do a muscle up (without doing the muscle up)

Workout 2

Front Squat 8min AMRAP

10 reps @ 40/60
10 reps @ 50/70
10 reps @ 55/80
10 reps @ 60/90
10 reps @ 65/100
max reps @ 70/110

adjust weights as necessary in order to get as close as possible to the last bar

5 sets for times
5 bar muscle ups
10 CTB pullups
15 pullups

rest 90sec between rounds