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Advanced Aerobic Week 8 - Feb 23rd

So the CrossFit Open starts this week (and runs for the next 5 weeks) - most of you should have entered by now and the regular wod and the supplementary training is setup so you can give the Open the best possible crack between Friday and Monday (when scores have to be submitted).  With that in mind there is slightly less volume in the supplementary training and you should also endeavour to have it all completed by Thursday.


Workout 1
4 x 1000m 
rest 4min between

aiming for consistent pacing each round

Workout 2
5min easy warmup

10 rounds
20sec hard
1:40 rest

dont just mong strength your way thru the 20sec, your aiming for similar output every round and also focus on delivering power efficiently (ie tight n strong as opposed to having an awkward seizure yanking on the handles)

8 x 250m row 2min rest