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Advanced Strength / Gymnastics Week 7 - Feb 16th

The Open kicks off next week so really trying to get everyone in that frame of mind with their training, not much pullup work scheduled this week but if you know that butterfly ctb is a weakness - continue to incorporate it 2-3 times per week.

Strength 1
If you didnt do 13.1 last week - DO IT! Try and use some of the lessons that we covered on Saturday on power snatch.  Otherwise recap what we did on Saturday work on power snatch - tng big sets + grip n rip doubles and singles

Strength 2
Squat Clean and Push-Jerk (heavy single 12min)


5min max reps 
SC + Jerk @ 80 / 55

Gymnastics / Tester
100 cal row
75 wall balls
50 toes to bar
25 muscle ups