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Advanced Aerobic Week 7 - Feb 16th

Changing it up a bit this week on the aerobic tip - everyone should be feeling fairly comfortable on the ski erg after 3 weeks of steady state work so we are going to do some TT's this week to find out where everyone is and then start on a cycle of interval work

Ski Erg
2000m // 1000m // 500m TT

break these up over the week as required, all are 100% efforts - with these its going to be better to push a little bit too hard and die in the ass rather than be too conservative and think you could have a few more seconds in there.

8 x 250m row // 2min rest

So moving on from the 500m repeat work - if you havent done a 2km time trial, seriously get it done! These are easy things to slot in quickly in your training week.  We are moving on to shorter distances 'higher pace ie more power / more output, adjust your pace as necessary thinking about the 2min rest, a 1:45 / 500m repeat type pace rower would be looking at  > 1:35 pace

1min AMRAP
200m run 
max target burpees

this is fast furious and meant to suck the life out of your lungs, no rest between round - just 5 simple minutes of hard work to get you in an Open frame of mind