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Advanced Strength / Gymnastics Week 6 - Feb 9th

A lot of pre-Open testing style work this week, you will need to spread this out over multiple days (ie its not going to be that easy to bundle sessions together this week), if you cant do all of them - prioritise them based on your weaknesses, fairly tough on the hands as well so make sure you do everything you can to look after them and dont ruin them to the point where you cant train at all

Gymnastics 1
100 CTB
300 Double Unders

Gymnastics 2
30 Muscle Ups 

Gymnastics 3
100 T2B
100 Box Jump Overs

Strength 1
Open 13.1 
Burpee / Snatch workout

Strength 2
10 STOH 100kg // 75

10 STOH 90 // 65 

10 STOH 80 // 55 

10 STOH 70 // 45kg

çomplete for time and scale weights as necessary so that its challenging yet achievable