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Advanced Aerobic Week 6 - Feb 9th

So we are into Week 6 of supplementary aerobic work, we are starting to do some TT efforts (ie @100%), if you've been doing all the prep work you will be able to handle this as part of your normal training routine, if your just jumping into this stuff now (6 weeks in), you are going to struggle.  This stuff is all basic fitness 101, it develops your capacity to "train" and handle work, you wonder why some people can survive a 3 day comp and some people are fucked after 1 day? This work here is the foundation, all CrossFit competitions are multievent and most of the bigger ones are multi day, having a 1:30 Fran time is useless if you cant back up again later in the day and/or on the next day.

30min for distance

this is the last week of longer work on the SkiErg, next week we'll be doing some TT work (500m, 1000m, 2000m etc to get some baseline numbers before commencing interval work after that).  I keep reminding people - do this preparatory work and its going to make your life a whole lot easier.  30min of steady state work is about as easy as it gets in terms of incorporating supplementary training

2000m TT 

rest 20-30min

1000m TT 

if you didnt do the 20 x 500m : 1min rest // get it done, its an exercise in perserverance, if you joined the row program later - continue on with the 500m repeat work.  Anyone doing the TT this week - spend at least 10-15min  warming before the 2km piece, no walking in and "just going for it", you should have done enough volume and conditioning work on the rower that doing 1500-2000m + building up is not going to affect your time, try and be active during the 20-30min recovery between 2km and 1km efforts.  Whole session with warmup / cooldown and sufficient rest should be a solid 1hr session

get out and trail run at some point over the weekend, also before the Open trying to tee up a time to get everyone to do a TT sprint up Mt Lofty