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Advanced Strength / Gymnastics Week 3 - Jan 19th

Same deal as last week, make sure your getting in that pullup volume at the moment.  All these extra blocks are only around 20min so they shouldnt be hard to incorporate into your training week - there isnt much/any O-lifting in the regular classes at the moment so you guys need to be getting some homework in this area + you need to be able to do volume at weight as well.


5 sets
3 reps of 1 full snatch + 3 OHS


30 Overhead Squats for time AHAP (male think 80+, female 50-60+)

5 sets 
3reps of 1 full clean + 3 Front Squat


30 Front Squats for time AHAP 

3RM Shoulder Overhead
working from the ground (15min)


5 rounds
20/15 cals AD
Max UB Muscle Up or 3 reps if no multiples

rest 3min between rounds

10 rounds 
20sec T2B
40sec rest
40sec Double unders
20sec rest

Strict HSPU (EROM ideally)
10min same format as pullups