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Advanced 12/7/14

Its Amandas last session with us for a little while as she jets off to the CrossFit Games and then sticking aroujnd in the USA for the inaugural season of the National Pro Grid League.  Going to revisit a couple of the workouts from the 2013 Games before this years Games kickoff.

Im going to be away from 2 weekends with the Games but Advanced will still be going on while Im gone, also remember to get your entries in for Fit Wars asap, this one is most likely going to sell out pretty fast and spots are limited so I wont be able to slot anyone in last minute - get ENTERED!!


Clean and Jerk Ladder

Lift every 90sec 

// go for a squat clean and split jerk from your opening weight for this


1000m row


5 rounds 

25 pullups

7 push-jerk (60/40)