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Thursday Rowdown 10th July

Going to try and post up the weekly Thursday row workout that goes down for anyone that wants to tinker with it in their own time.

This week it was another mentally unpleasant episode of 500m repeats

500m row repeats

rest 2min

start at 1:45 pace and drop 1sec per round

ie 1:44, 1:43, 1:42, repeat until you cant

10 rounds is considered standard

// this became unpleasant probably a bit sooner than expected, after the 1:40 roujnd it became a bit of a battle, mentally & physically probably tougher than last weeks 20 x 500m at a steady pace.  The descending pace means that you are on a constant downward spiral in terms of effort required which conversely means mentally each round it becomes tougher to fire up for each 500m.  Personally found it wasnt a steady decline over a few rounds basically the round of 1:36 (round 10) took exponentially more effort than 1:37 to hit and that was it from there