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How efficient are you?

There is a bit of homework this week for anyone that is interested this week, not mandatory but there could be some useful insight gained from this little experiment.  The workout is fairly straightforward - a 5 round Helen so -

5 Rounds for time

400m run

21 KBS (24/16)

12 Pullups

Which for most of you shouldnt post too much of a drama to complete, the caveat I want to put on it those is I would like anyone doing it to do so wearing a HR Monitor, (If you dont have a monitor I have one or two kicking around that you can borrow)  and you are to keep your HR below 150 BPM for the whole workout, anytime it creeps above you have to stop until it drops below and then continue.  Ideally we'd set it up with a HR range alarm so that it beeps if you tick over, otherwise you will just have to keep an eye on it.  

So the idea is to see how aerobically efficient you are, you may find that you are either a) crawling through much slower than you normally would or b) taking frequent breaks to get the HR back down or c) you might cruise through as normally.  Hopefully I get to see anyone doing it when they are doing it, but if I miss you working through it Id be interested on some feedback on how you found it, it is a bit of an experiment and I expect to do some refining with it in the future (adjusted HRs etc).  Any questions hit me up, otherwise lets see how fast you can go without physically working that hard....


Jun 27, 2014
with 600m airdyne, 24 mins ish - brief pause after round 3 as I had thought is was normal Helen. Tried to hover around 145-150. KBS broken into 7s, breaks were pretty much put it down pick it up. It was the pullups that jacked up the heartrate - 6 put me over, had to break it to set of 4, let HR come down, repeat.