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Fit Wars 9 -

Massive day at Fit Wars 9 on Sunday down at the Showgrounds, was great to see so many crew from the gym come down help out, compete and spectate.  We had some good results with Kosta getting 3rd in the Individual comp, Jenny winning the Masters Women, Simon taking 3rd in the Masters Men and Tristan n Steph winning the Open Pairs.  Had some stand out performances with Tim, Lisa and Simon I think all setting deadlift PBs? Sammy T doing well to remember where he was by the end of the last workout, something was standing out during Ryan S T2B during workout 1 as well.

The event is driven by the people that give up their time leading up to the event and over that whole weekend to make sure it runs as smoothly as it does - Im going to do my best to remember everyone that helped out but forgive me if I forget it doesnt mean the effort isnt appreciated! Truck drivin Tristan getting gear there n back, the Saturday setup crew - Dougie, Darren, Sammy, Kirsty, Tim, Nikita, Steph, Nick, Ryan, the guys that stuck around Sunday and helped load all the gear up and then the packdown at the gym Sunday night (no one wants to be loading 342354 tonnes of awkward heavy gear on a Sunday night - thank you for hanging around!)  Mat for packin' bags n running around during the week.  The guys that helped out judging - super tough n tiring gig to be watching people work out all day long, thank you for taking on one of the most thankless jobs in sport! My folks n kirsty for looking after the scoring system (and dealing with my temperamental laptop touch pad) Lauren for looking after all the bits and pieces that I often overlook when Fit Wars rolls around.

Dr Bolt for looking after last minute fabrication duties (its not a Fit Wars without the grinder and some welding happening 24hrs before kickoff)  and of course Bad Man Brown who not only competed but makes all the bits of Fit Wars come together both metaphorically and physically.  

I might be the guy standing out the front with the microphone but its a whole bunch of you guys that really make the event happen at all and that make the event what it is.