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WB Friday _30th May

We're going to start posting the WB Friday sessions to this section of the website to keep a record of them and to allow the guys that cant make it in to see what went down and possibly make up the session at a later date.  Depending on the session we may also look at shooting a quick video of the session explanation for posting and/or I will attempt to write reasonably detailled notes here about the session.

Part of the idea of having the Members Only section of the website to allow more insight into what we are doing in the sessions - ie the stuff that is delivered in person in the sessions and give you guys a bit of an idea of the "why" behind things.


White Board Friday 30th May

Fat Grip Deadlift - Heavy Single

// going to use the next few WBF sessions as an opportunity to have a bit of a play around with some alternative lifts / strongman movements.  Grip is a major factor in a lot of CrossFit workouts, you hear it all the time "I could have done more but I just couldnt hold on" - well if you couldnt hold on then you cant do more... 

5 rounds for time

3/5 Deadball Over Shoulder

15 cal Ski Erg



max time Rower

holding an average wattage within 10% of your 2km pace (goal being above 7min)

// this is an exercise in pacing and mental toughness, there is potentially literally no end to this workout so you just have to tune out and hold on - target is to see how much you can exceed 2000m by...